Beasts of the Forest, God Up Above

Using an ancient language of correspondences, we can touch upon Angels and guardianship, planets and their positions, understanding a  truth ancient by deciphering ourselves, we understand that creation is set by eternal principles that hold our hopes as we are encouraged by  a supreme guardianship  to progress in our journey.

Through sacred words  which unravel, a secret code which describes everlasting truths that vary in  time  influence and frequency , we can envision   a spectrum of ideals  that we must reach for. Striving  for a perfect existence fill our mind and hearts. We progress in our spiritual development in that moment in time  in which we are aware of the spiritual light that guides us and understand it denotes an eternal life existing within each one of us. These constructs that are established by sacred truths, are representing an infinite range of possibilities creation is supported by pillars which are also aspects of the possibilities of existence, angels remain as guardians protecting the heavens and the earth. Realizing our own abilities is  allowing us to connect to the planets and stars  and be touched by angels and chariots that carry our hopes and guard us. Each containing aspects of perfect states guiding,  guarding suspending and holding  as enduring constructs of faith.

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