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Metaphysical Poetry

We can  reach our own realizations of this wondrous phenomenon of endurance (aspects) as we begin to understand and believe that creation is held  by eternal structures, thousands of angels have guardianship over these eternal points of existence that remain guarded and protected.  These aspects are real notions that descend into the world allowing us to be fulfilled with facets rich with meaning. Keeping one level of focus allows us to excel and meditate on one aspect of our life that is guarded. Reaching out to another   is a passage in time, this passage in time is a new journey that brings us to a shift in stimuli and  allows integrating one or more aspects into a new reality. This new position  of  complex interactions that is integrated into a novel whole, is a  transformation that leads us  to a new state that is  filled with new energy that we must experience in a new light.  The  way forward is paved by our  endeavours and finding the light in new aspects of ourselves. Great structures, such as planets and stars  hold constant eternal vibrations which are unique and are guiding interactions with other great structures according to position and distance between, creating a new form of  existence called an aspect. This  influences the state of the world and the  way we are influenced by creation.

Beasts of the Forest, God Up Above

Using an ancient language of correspondences, we can touch upon Angels and guardianship, planets and their positions, understanding a  truth ancient by deciphering ourselves, we understand that creation is set by eternal principles that hold our hopes as we are encouraged by  a supreme guardianship  to progress in our journey.

Through sacred words  which unravel, a secret code which describes everlasting truths that vary in  time  influence and frequency , we can envision   a spectrum of ideals  that we must reach for. Striving  for a perfect existence fill our mind and hearts. We progress in our spiritual development in that moment in time  in which we are aware of the spiritual light that guides us and understand it denotes an eternal life existing within each one of us. These constructs that are established by sacred truths, are representing an infinite range of possibilities creation is supported by pillars which are also aspects of the possibilities of existence, angels remain as guardians protecting the heavens and the earth. Realizing our own abilities is  allowing us to connect to the planets and stars  and be touched by angels and chariots that carry our hopes and guard us. Each containing aspects of perfect states guiding,  guarding suspending and holding  as enduring constructs of faith.


Remembering that we have many  systems that emulate information on various levels remembering that energy levels fluctuate in each world we can transverse through worlds through recollections of previous worlds. As a gas gage is our subconscious as our  mind tells us of our own progress.

  Relating in new ways , allows us to exchange energy within our system of existence, and perceive and touch upon,  creative channels as we pick up different vibrations that we have integrated into our own daily living. Our own creative understanding relates to our responses…and the feedback we get from our own Godhead.


Our last pull our last push our last thrust into entering a new age of our own development, is now. Leaping beyond our own realm of existence through thoughtful meditation allows us to feel new vibrations which can compensate our losses. Filling up, with new energy as new hopes allow us to make brave decisions critical steps transformed as love permeates our hearts and minds. Transforming self is a critical step in which we acknowledge the vital responsibility we must take in our own development. As real lasting change is directly dependent on our own understanding, of our needs in relation to the world, as meditations allows us to connect to our God our guardians and our angels and be in touch with our inner world.

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Daniela  is a metaphysical poet, songwriter, radio broadcaster. Her work is esoteric drawing on ancient writings to convey a message of hope and survival, highlighting nature and creation. Focusing and harmonious aspects of creation she inspires us with healing facets of our existence as related through ancient studies. She has fifteen published compilations of poetry, and is the host of the Poetry and Transcendence Radio show, and a book reviewer of metaphysical titles and a holistic coach.